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The Galley Wench spells out the terms of use for this website:

I wouldn't make sure a big deal of this except a few years ago I discovered an image I'd created had been stolen off one of my websites and was being used in an ad campaign without my knowledge or permission. 

Although it eventually got sorted out, it required multiple sternly worded letters and hours of effort not to mention quite a bit of stomping of feet and grousing about. So don't do that. I have a Cease and Desist letter and I know how to use it.    

To the best of my knowledge all graphics and content on this website are either original creations, authorized for use in a noncommercial context, or have been properly credited to their author. If your stuff is here without your permission, it is entirely unintentional. Please let me know and I'll either properly credit your work or remove your material from the site. Mea culpa. 

On the other hand, original graphics and content belong to me and are not to be snatched without my permission. If you want to take some of my original content and use it somewhere else, first you must ask nicely and receive permission. Please check the fine print below for details. 

'Nuff said.



The fine print I need to post in case I catch you snatching my images
to sell tacky products or otherwise use in nefarious endeavors:

This site is owned and operated by Susan Mohr Spencer and various websites including galleywench.com, susanmohr.com, rogerandbrenda.com, and/or others. Your use of this website and any materials available herein identifies that you agree to the following terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms of Use").  If you do not agree to these terms then you should leave this website immediately (hereinafter referred to as "Site"), and not use any of the materials available herein. All images on this Site are copyrighted intellectual property and are protected by United States and International copyright laws. These images cannot be  legally copied, published, transmitted, manipulated, projected, reproduced, stored or used in any way without written permission from and payment to me.   

"Materials" on this website shall constitute and be defined as any files, images, animations, photographs, or text available on the Site. All Materials from this Site are licensed by Susan Mohr Spencer. Downloading these Materials does not transfer any title from these Materials to you, or any intellectual property rights therein to you. You may under no circumstances redistribute or sell this content at any time, and it is illegal to duplicate, download, or distribute any Materials from this Site. The design and layout, as well as all Materials provided on the Site, or of any other website owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by or associated with this Site are protected by the United States and International law and other intellectual property proprietary rights and may not be copied or imitate in whole or in part.

We are committed to protecting the copyright laws of these images and will take any necessary legal actions to enforce them. Copyright infringement is punishable by a fine of $100,000.00 in statutory damages. For more information on copyright see the US Copyright website: http://www.loc.gov/copyright

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