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Why are the photos in the family gallery so crappy?


Back when I took those photos I was using one of the first digital cameras ever made, a Sony Mavica, which shot in breathtaking 570*490 pixels (versus today's cameras that shoot in 10 Megapixels or more). Thus, compared to what we're used to now the photos were very, very small and a bit grainy, and generally crappy compared to what you'd get out of the cheapest digital camera you can buy these days.    

To further degrade the quality of the small, grainy photos, I used a crappy photo manipulation software back then, and I used it badly. Sometimes I stretched the photos, or I cropped people's heads off, or in a clumsy attempt to improve the photos I altered the light exposure to the point where the photo was almost unintelligible, and then sometimes I accidentally overwrote the original crappy version with an even crappier manipulated version. In short, I dinked around with my precious digital stash until it achieved the current state of crappiness.

On the bright side, back in the day I looked so cool walking around with my cool digital  camera. 

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