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List of Phobias 
I have no earthly idea why I love this list so much.

If you are afraid of... You have...  
animals    zoophobia
bacteria bacteriophobia
bees apiphobia
being alone eremophobia
being dirty autonysophobia
being stared at scopophobia
being touched  haphephobia
birds ornithophobia
books  bibiophobia
cats  gatophobia
churches ecclesiaphobia
clothing vestiophobia
cold frigophobia
crossing bridges gephyrophobia
crowds ochlophobia
darkness  achluophobia
dirt  rhypophobia
disease nosophobia
dogs cynophobia
drugs  pharmacophobia
dust amathophobia
electricity   electrophobia
enclosed spaces claustrophobia
everything  panophobia
failure kakorraphiaphobia
fears pantophobia
fire    pyrophobia
fish  ichthyophobia
flying        aeruophobia
germs  spermophobia
ghosts phasmophobia
God  theophobia
heat thermophobia
height acrophobia
horses hippophobia
illness nosemaphobia
imperfection  atelophobia
inoculation trypannophobia
injections trypannophobia
injury  trumatophobia
insanity maniaphobia
insects entomophobia
learning sophophobia
lice pediculophobia
lightening astraphobia
loud noises phonophobia
making changes  tropophobia
making decisions  decidophobia
many things      polyphobia
marriage   gamophobia
men        androphobia
mice        musophobia
mirrors    eistrophobia
moving    tropophobia
night        nyctophobia
ocean        thalassophobia
one thing   monophobia
ones own fears   phobophobia
open spaces   stenophobia, agoraphobia
pain         algophobia, odynephobia
parasites   parasitophobia
people    anthrophobia
performing   topophobia
plants         botanophobia
precipices   cremnophobia
poison    toxiphobia
punishment   poinephobia
reptiles   bactrachophobia
ridicule   katagelophobia
Satan        satanophobia
school    schlionophobia
shadows    sciophobia
slime        blennophobia
smothering   pinigerophobia
snakes    ophidiophobia
spiders    arachniphobia
stings        cnidophobia
strangers   xenophobia
surgical instruments  ergasiophobia
technology   technophobia
thunder             keraunophobia
vehicles   amaxophobia
voids        kenophobia
wasps    spheksophobia
water        hydrophobia
women         gynophobia
words    logophobia
words    verbophobia
work        ergophobia
worms    helminthophobia
writing    graphophobia


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