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Christmas 2003 (I think)

The photo above is Shea modeling my personal choice for "Worst Gift Idea. Ever."  It was a snuggle suit intended for people with abnormally proportioned torsos, or knee joints located where the ankles should be, or a body bag for a smurf. I dunno. I still stare at it in wonder and confusion.

Anyway, these were taken at Loretta's and Jim's house Christmas Eve around 2003. Mom and I crashed for dinner and entertainment, the culmination of which was watching Shea's expression as she opened her gift and tried walking around it without breaking her neck. Family entertainment just don't get no better than that, folks. Good times.

On another note, happily this was also the waning days of my infamous Sony Mavica digital camera.  Things on the digital photography front were going to improve very soon, although the legless outfit pictured above never did.

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