Why are some of the photos so small and of crappy quality?

1999 Thanksgiving
2000 Camping in Smokies
2001 July 4th
2001 October Camping Trip
2001 Thanksgiving
2001 Christmas Day
2002 Camping
2003 Theme Night
2002 Camping-Carol & David
2003 Christmas Eve
2004 Sept Camping
Blue Tux Wedding
Kevin Da Man
Harrell Reunion
411 Auto Parts
Chris & David in drag

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The Blue Tux Wedding
The Sibs and our parents at Bradley's and Tammy's wedding

I love this photo for three reasons:

  1. Except for our sister Judy (she had passed away a couple of years prior), we are all together in one photo

  2. My brothers look like total goobers in those tuxedos

  3. Loretta and I are both young, skinny and 100% wrinkle free


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