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1999 Thanksgiving
2000 Camping in Smokies
2001 July 4th
2001 October Camping Trip
2001 Thanksgiving
2001 Christmas Day
2002 Camping
2003 Theme Night
2002 Camping-Carol & David
2003 Christmas Eve
2004 Sept Camping
Blue Tux Wedding
Kevin Da Man
Harrell Reunion
411 Auto Parts
Chris & David in drag

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Another Camping Weekend

I'm not sure when this one was but I'll call it around 2000 just because I have to call it something.  If you can pin down the specifics any better than that let me know and I'll make an update.

I might not know when it was but I do know where--somewhere inside the national park. I can tell by the artful manner in which we disguised those beer bottles we were drinking from. Heh.


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