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Come to Mama
July, 2008  My husband says that little hearts came out of my eyes the first time I saw this boat and he's right--it was love at first sight. I could see beyond the ugly, cluttered, smelly interior and imagine what it could be with a little TLC and some cash.
For my engineer husband with his practical brain and linear thinking (who had never bought a used anything in his life) it was a totally different story. He saw only what lay before him: an ugly, outdated interior and a boat outfitted with navigation equipment manufactured when Ronald Reagan was in the White House and microchips were still a twinkle in some scientist's eye. In short, he saw a big hole in the water where a lot of money needed to be poured.
But the price and location were right, the boat had everything on our wish list, and my sales skills were keenly honed--you can see where this is headed--so on the Saturday in July, 2008 when the "for sale" sign went up, we got our hands on the keys to take a look.

And as these sorts of things go on a dock, our buddies gathered around to help out. Here's what we saw:


My husband kept our Carver buffed and showroom shiny at all times so he was horrified at how dull the finish on the hull was after years of neglect. The guys from the dock collected up their favorite buffing compounds and polishes to see how difficult it would be to bring a shine back to the hull. As it turned out, it was pretty easy.

And so despite his misgivings about buying an ugly boat (and an ugly Bayliner to boot)  he saw how much I loved this boat and grudgingly admitted it had potential to be a very comfortable home at sea for our two year long adventure.

And we agreed that because the price was right we could justify investing the substantial sum it would take to fix her up and still stay well within the budget. The deal was on. 

Come to Mama, you big ol' butt ugly boat.


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